An abundance of Information Technology across the world is making life more convenient with the presence of IOT and robots.

However, there are hunger issues in parts of the world, and disparity is growing between those who can and can’t use IT.

hunger population
weaker of digital divide
income gap of the digital divide

But on May 7, 2017, IT entrepreneurs around the world held an international conference in Zurich, Switzerland, hence IT Cross Foundation was established.

“Empowering IT for people around the World”

  • Foundation name: IT Cross Foundation
  • Japanese name: IT十字財団
  • Board chairperson: Kevin Ring
  • Headquarters: Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Supporting members: UK, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Japan, etc.

Kevin Ring


I wish to create smiles for children across the world through the power of IT.

The conference reached an agreement that the power of IT should be used for contribution to society.

With the support of worldwide IT entrepreneurs, IT Cross Foundation has been established.

Looking to use the power of IT to contribute to society!

IT Cross Foundation Activities

Correction of the gap in digital divide.
IT education and training of programmers for children in developing countries
Providing food and commodities for living through a logistics system utilizing IT, etc.